How to Whip a Dirt Bike? | An Illustrative Guide

If you go out the tracks with your buddies on your dirt bike, adding a chunk of fun can help you create memories that will last forever. Among most of the stunts associated with a dirt bike, whipping is the one that is all time favorite of every rider.

Do you know what’s whipping? If you have already had the joy of a dirt bike for years, then surely you have a good experience with whipping, but if you are a beginner dirt bike rider, you may ask what whipping is and how to whip a dirt bike.

These questions are genuine, and you’re at the most appropriate place to find the answers in detail!

Have you ever seen a rider taking a high jump with his bike and then pushing the bike to the side, and then landing it safely on the ground again while staying on the bike? This is what professionals call a whip.

As a beginner, it takes time to get a master whipping, whereas professional riders can give back-to-back whips at a time. If you’re also interested in whipping, then keep reading this article. Here we will illustrate to you the tips and the way to whip on a dirt bike.

Let’s get started!                                                                                    

How to Whip a Dirt Bike?

If you’re a starter rider and are still in the process of getting mastery in jumps with a dirt bike, then whipping would be something new to you. But actually, whipping a dirt bike is a simple concept, but it needs practice.

So if you want to whip your dirt bike, then here we are going to explain to you the steps you can apply for a safe whipping experience. Let’s have a look ahead!

Step 1: Start With the Smallest Jump

Just like all jumping skills, whipping should be started with the lowest possible jump. No doubt, jumping is fun, but if a beginner suddenly starts with the highest jump without practice, then there are chances of getting severe injuries.

Smallest Jump

To hit a jump with a dirt bike, the smallest jump is considered with a height of 30 feet. At this height, most dirt bike riders feel comfortable, and they can even move their bike sideways with convenience.

Here, you need to remember one important thing if you want to take your vehicle sideways, then first take it to a height of 30 feet.

Step 2: The Entry Towards the Jump

If you want to whip successfully, then you need to understand all the related points deeply. When starting the whip, don’t go at the top speed, as the acceleration should be moderate enough to take you at the height of 30 feet.

Step 3: Form the Body

Now, you are pretty clear about the speed and the height you should attain to get a whip out; that’s not enough. For an impressive whip, the body should be in an attack position.

Form the Body

This is a specific kind of position where a rider stands on his pegs by bending his legs and keeping his upper portion slightly over the handlebars. This helps in shifting the weight of the rider, and then he could easily whip the bike by moving it sideways.

Step 4: Lean in Any Direction

Now you are clear about the body direction you need to attain while whipping. But still, you can whip like a pro until you utilize this golden tip when you are in the air with your dirt bike.

Lean in Any Direction

Leaning in any direction is mandatory to enhance the moves of your bike. If you lean right, the bike will move left, and if you lean left, the bike will automatically whip to the right. This is just a game of shifting weight from one side to another.

But if you have just started learning, then it is best not to lean into it. It could be dangerous!

Step 5: Push Down the Handlebars

Whipping doesn’t mean that you will stay in the air forever; you have to land on the ground as well. But this is not just simply moving down because there is a trick behind that.

Push Down the Handlebars

Now, you have to push down the handlebars towards the ground by moving them slightly left and then by transferring the weight towards the right, which resultantly causes the rear wheel to whip right.

That was the last stunt in whipping. Now it is time to land on the ground!

Step 6: Straighten the Bike

To land safely on the ground, the bike should be straightened out; otherwise, there are chances of not landing successfully that could ultimately make you fall off.

Straighten the Bike

Here, you need to simply rotate the handlebars of the bike and then take the bike right in the center. Once the bike is straightened out, it will land on the ground.

Step 7: Touch the Bike Down

This is one of the most difficult steps in the whole whipping process. At this step, a slight mistake could be life-threatening, so you need to be conscious even for an inch. Make sure that your body and the vehicle are properly aligned when you decide to touch the ground.

Touch the Bike Down

At every step of whipping, the focus is the main thing, but if you are not confident to perform whipping, then you can’t do the job perfectly. If you let your fear in, then it will all end up messing up. So, if you land without complications, then always be confident.

Last Words

Doing a whip on a dirt bike is a bit scary for those who have just started their journey on a dirt bike. That’s why it is always recommended to start with little jumps, and then a time arrives when a rider confidently goes with the high jumps.

If you are nervous at your first jump, don’t lose heart; this is quite normal, and you will surely become professional soon.After all this, you just need practice, practice, and only practice. You can also contact a good coach if you want to become a pro dirt rider! Good luck!

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