How to Stud Dirt Bike Tires : 2 Simple & Easy Methods

Plants can’t survive if they don’t get adequate amounts of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. Human beings can’t survive without water and oxygen. Likewise, dirt bikes depend largely on their tires to function flawlessly. 

One of the ways of increasing the life of bike tires is to make them go through a process called STUDDING. Every second rider has his reason for studding the tires of his bike. One of the most common reasons stated by the numerical majority of riders is to prevent wear and tear on soft and uneven terrains such as grass, mud, and sand. 

Studding refines the traction of bike tires, especially when they are worn down from excessive use on rocky surfaces like gravel paths, asphalt roads, etc. Studs are primarily made of Aluminium, steel, or titanium alloys. These alloys make it easy-peasy for riders to move over hindrances with little to no resistance. 

Besides, studs improve the riding experience on slippery surfaces by providing better traction and grip. Dirt bikes don’t penetrate through slippery and rocky surfaces that readily. 

From these advantages and unavoidable benefits of studding dirt bike tires, it seems important to learn how to stud dirt bike tires. 

Get going to explore the most functional method of getting dirt bike tires studded in no time! 

How to Stud Your Dirt Bike Tires – 3 Simple Steps (1st Method) 

By now, you have acquired knowledge about the benefits of studs. Now, it is time to put some light on one of the most functional ways of getting your bike tires studded. 

Step 1: Material You Need To Stud Dirt Bike Tires 

Before jumping to the needed tools, let me tell you a secret: always prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t purchase tools from every second shop. Look for qualitative tools that will last longer and won’t make you feel like you have wasted your hard-earned pennies on something unworthy. 
To stud the tires, you need to have a stud gun, top-notch grip stud, socket, and socket adapter. 

Step 2: Insert the Studs

Look for studs that will be compatible with the knobs of your bike’s tires. After that, place the socket in the pocket of the socket adapter and start inserting the studs at an angle of 10 with the help of a stud gun.

Insert the Studs

Step 3: Don’t Rush the Process

Don’t rush the insertion process, as little carelessness can damage the bike tires. It is not something for which you will need to hire a professional. You can do it all by yourself only if you keep patience.

How to Stud Your Dirt Bike Tires – 4 Simple Steps (2nd Method)

First of all, we will run through the tools required to stud the tires. Execution becomes easy when all the required tools are present at hand’s distance.

For applying this method, you will need the following items: a good quality stud gun, studs of different sizes, screwdrivers, wrenches, tires, and an air compressor or bike pump to inflate the wheels or tires. Before starting, make sure you have access to all these tools.

After bringing these tools on one platform, start with the first step.

Step 1: Deflate the Tires and Discard Debris From Them

To stud a bike tire, you need to start with deflating it. After deflation, eradicate any residual debris from the inner surface of the crown with the help of screwdrivers. After cleaning the crown, you are good to go with the insertion of heavy-duty rubber O-rings.

Deflate the Tires and Discard Debris From Them

Step 2: Make a Hole in the Center of Heavy-duty Rubber

With the help of screwdrivers, form a hole in the center of a heavy-duty rubber O-ring and insert 1 or 2 top-quality rubber plugs into them. This will make it secure from both ends. After that, slowly start inflating the tires.

Step 3: Insert the Studs

Don’t rush the process. Start with a single stud of any size from the inside out and allow it to push against the inner surface of the crown. Before inserting the second stud, pull the previous stud back and forth so that it adjusts perfectly.

Insert the Studs 2

Repeat the same process for all studs. While the whole process should remain the same, the angle of insertion of the first stud should be different from the second stud, and so on. This will ensure an even distribution of pressure across the surface of the tire.

Step 4: Based on Patterns of the Tread Puncture Multiple Holes

If you feel like there is little space for your studs, puncture additional holes. The number of holes depends largely on the pattern of the tread.

While doing so, make sure that the two pieces won’t make any contact with one another, as it will lead to cracking. This whole process won’t take more than 15 minutes to complete. For removing, you need a wrench.

Once all the studs are inserted, close the last hole with the help of small metal or a nail punch tool. This is to ensure that no studs are touching each other and pressure is evenly distributed over the tire surface. At this point, you can use an air compressor to make the studs more secure and firm in their respective positions. 

All these steps seem difficult at first, but after some practice, you will complete the whole process in 15 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Your Dirt Bike Tires Studded

  1. What are the things I need to know before studding dirt bike tires? 

Dirt bikes are mostly pricey, which is why you need to take care of them. You can’t go clumsy with dirt bikes. Little ignorance will damage or crack the tires. Before you stud the tires, keep in account the following points: 

  • Avoid using low pressure on studded tires. Low pressure means that less friction will be generated. Keep the pressure around 30 psi. At this pressure, you will be able to roll the tires perfectly. 
  • Before studding the tires, take out some time to learn throttle control. If you are bad at controlling the throttle, you will end up damaging the bike. 
  • Don’t over stud the tires. Over-studding the tires will result in accidents as it will make the bike overly aggressive. The more aggressive the bike, the lesser control you will have over it. 200-215 studs per tire is a great option. 
  • Before you insert studs, study the tires of your bike. Always remember that the tires of dirt bikes vary from one brand to another. It means that stud type will also vary from one tire to another. To avoid problems later, it is better to study your tires beforehand. 
  • Which screws are well-suited for studded tires? 

Tires of dirt bikes vary from one brand to another. It means that the types of screws used in the process will vary from one tire to another. Just make sure that the screws you are using in the process are designed for this purpose only. You can’t use furniture screws on bike tires, for sure. 

Most riders prefer to use fine thread screws in the process because of their rigid nature. If you are confused about the kind of screws, you should use in the process, take help from the manufacturers or check out the bike manual. 

Final Statement 

Studding dirt bike tires is super easy, and it enhances the quality of your rides. If you are an adventurous person and always wait for weekends to go on a ride, then you must learn how to stud dirt bike tires at home. This is important as excessive usage of tires can make them dysfunctional. 
In this article, we have discussed two methods of getting your tires studded at home without any assistance. Both methods are effective, cheap, and fast so anyone can apply them! 
If you don’t find these methods useful or are confused about any step, reach out to us anytime. We would love to help you out! 

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