Everything You Need to Know About How to Strap Down a Dirt Bike

Have you planned a trip to the mountains where you can enjoy riding on the trails? That’s superb! But do you know how to transport your dirt bike to the riding spot?

The first thing you need to do is tie down your dirt bike so that it can be put into the truck. Do you have any idea about how to strap down a dirt bike?

Strapping or tying down means “to secure with the straps.” When we say that strap down a dirt bike, it means to fasten it with the straps so it can be transported to your riding destination. 

You need to follow certain steps in the exact pattern that will be discussed in this blog if you want to do this task flawlessly.

Mostly, people use the trail or the bed of a truck to perform this task. Whatever you choose to secure your bike, make sure that your bike is standing in a flat area. 

Here you will learn how the strapping down of a dirt bike is done. Read on if you are interested!

Materials Required for Strapping Down a Dirt Bike

Before initiating the process, you need to gather all the accessories required. Let’s see what you will be required for this procedure!

  • Straps or ties are thick enough to hold the weight of the bike. The most recommended straps are nylon straps with two cam buckles or ratchet. 
  • Cam buckles are used most commonly for lightweight bikes, which are easy to use and faster to hold the bike.
  • Cam ratchets with straps can also be a good option. They can clamp down your bike tighter, and they are more durable. These ratchets are used extensively for heavy bikes. Whatever you are using for clamping depends on the weight of your dirt bike. 
  • You will also need a trailer or truck bed where you can stand your bike to tie it down conveniently. A loading ramp should also be on your checklist. 
  • Try to call on a friend or neighbor for your assistance in the whole process. Have you made good terms with the people? If yes, then they will rush for your help on a single call. Lovely!

Steps to Follow in Strapping Down a Dirt Bike 

Step 1: Clamp Your Straps in the Trailer

Four straps will be enough to clamp your bike. Two will be connected to the front part of the bike, while the other two will be linked to the bike’s rear. The lower part of the strap will be hooked to the trailer hooks. The angles for the straps should be 450 with the side walls of the trail. If the angle is more than that, the risk of damage will increase. 

Step 2: Load Your Bike Onto The Trailer

Here you will need the help of the hands of another individual. A trailer ramp will be used for loading the dirt bike onto the trailer. One person will push the bike from the rear side, and the other will control the bike, pulling it from the side of the handlebars.

Load Your Bike Onto The Trailer

If there is a kickstand for the bike, you can also take advantage of that part to push the bike onto the trailer or truck bed.

Step 3: Tie Down the Front Part of the Dirt Bike

This is an especially significant point for the safety of your bike. You won’t like your bike to be harmed during transportation. Right? 

Tie Down the Front Part of the Dirt Bike

Tires should not be rolled or rotated during the whole path. To ensure that, tie the tires straight with the handlebars. Hook the straps from the downside, moving on the upper part to hook with the handlebars.

Have you bought a wheel chock? They are worth to be invested in if you transport your dirt bike more often. Wheel chock can make your bike wheels sedentary, which makes your bike safe and secure.

wheel chock

Step 4: Tie Down the Rear of the Dirt Bike

The back part of the bike should be secured with two straps. The straps will be hooked to the frame of the bike. Make sure that the straps are joined with equal tension on both sides. 

Tie Down the Rear of the Dirt Bike

If you cannot hold the straps with the rear evenly, your bike efficiency will be compromised. 

Step 5: Tighten Down the Ratchet

After you have tied down the straps with the bike’s front and rear parts, it’s time to tighten the ratchet to your dirt bike from the front side and then to the rear side. 

Tighten Down the Ratchet

The main focus of the step is to immobilize the suspension by compressing the forks. The rotation of the tires should be stopped; otherwise, the bike will bounce, causing damage to the permanent parts.

Then ratchet the backside of your dirt bike. Ratchet all sides by rotating in a circle will prevent the bike throughout the travel.

Step 6: Check the Bike by Shaking 

This is the last step to ensure that all the steps are done properly. Just take a look at the position of the bike, which should be vertical. Then shake the handle of your dirt bike to check if it is moving. 

Check the Bike by Shaking

The bike will move if the straps and hooks are loose or the chock is not grabbed tightly. After examining the bike with an expert hand, you can repeat the respective steps if there is any problem.

A well-tied bike works as a part and does not move a single step. If everything is perfect, your bike is ready to be transported to the site. 

Final Thoughts

When you are a person who loves to ride a dirt bike in distant areas like mountains, learning how to strap down a dirt bike becomes as much important as the skills to ride. 

After reading this article, we hope you are well-equipped with the expertise to tie down a dirt bike for transportation to your riding spot. It’s time to make practice what you learned! 
Thank you for reading!

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