How to Start a Dirt Bike That Has Been Sitting for Years

Sadly, you could not find time for rides over the roads for years! We know sometimes it gets hard to give time to your passion because of your profession. But we are happy that you are back to your adventurous life again. 

You got your bike out of your garage and cleaned the dust from its surface. You kick-started your bike, assuming all done, but what is it? It is not getting ready for riding. You repeatedly tried, which did not work at all. 

It can be daunting for you but don’t worry. We are here to help you in this situation. Read this article to find out how to start a dirt bike that has been sitting. 

You can take many more measures to bring your bike to roads and highways. Shortly, clean the oil and grease seals from the suspension, change the battery, lose the nuts, and do many other steps to initiate the dirt bike. 

Allow us to give you a practical and illustrative guide about your concern!

Equipment Required

Here is a short list of the equipment and material that you will be required during the starter of your bike:

  • Cleaner, which will help you to clean the seals, has been made due to oil and grease. Any scrubber should be in your toolbox to clean up the clogs inside your bike spare parts.
  • Fresh spark plugs if the spark plugs of your bike have been worn out.
  • A new air filter will be needed if the old one has been stuck due to dust particles.
  • New tires if they have completed their life of two years.
  • A battery charger for the battery of your dirt bike. Inspect correctly if the battery has been damaged, then you will need to replace it.
  • Wear protective things like goggles and gloves for your safety. 

Steps to Start a Dirt Bike That Has Been Sitting 

Once you have checked the list made for your convenience, you can continue further toward your goal. 

Let’s have a glance at the best practical tips to make your dirt bike run!

#1. Clean Up Your Bike Carburetor

It looks natural that your bike will become dirty from inside and out when left useless for a long. Specifically, the carburetor is the area of the dirt bike which gets dust more frequently. 

Clean Up Your Bike Carburetor

Did you check it? Was it needed to be washed out? Probably yes! How can you clean it up? The question may be raised in your mind. Right?

You will need a carburetor cleaner along with the air gun, and you can also use the ultrasonic carb cleaner if you can afford it. Whatever you use, try to clean every single dirt particle from the carburetor. 

#2. Replace Air Filters

Do you know why air filters are installed on the bikes? To protect the engine and carburetor from the uncleaned air. It stops the contaminated particles in the air, so it can happen that while the bike has been sitting in your garage, the filters have collected a lot of soil pollutants on them.

Replace Air Filters

If it has happened, you should change the old filters with the new ones. If your dirt bike is four-stroke, look at the oil filters. Oil filters also collect much more dirt, so they should be replaced on time before riding. 

#3. Change Oil and Fluids  

Oils and liquids, just like any other part of the bike, often get impurities. They need to be changed before starting your ride. Even if they get contaminated above the threshold level, it could lock up the engine. So you can avoid these circumstances by changing the liquids and oils.

Change Oil and Fluids  

#4. Lose the Nuts and Screws

After sitting for years, the dirt bike got gas in its body parts. Sometimes, what we are required to do, is just unscrew the nuts that can release the gas. 

Lose the Nuts and Screws

The same is the case for screws; you ought to loosen them to make the start-up of the dirt bike smooth. You can use a torque wrench to play with the screws and nuts.

#5. Don’t Forget to Lubricate 

Remember that your bike has been useless for months. Its parts, especially the chain, become dry so much that it becomes hard to initiate a run. Use oil to make a grease layer on them.

Don’t Forget to Lubricate 

Another reason to use oil is that rust makes its home on the walls of cylinders. After lubrication, kick your bike to start. Perhaps, it will work and save you time wasting in further steps.

#6. Unlock the Seals 

The seals made from oil and grease with dust can work as a worm for your bike engine. So kill these worms, and clean them thoroughly if you want your bike to be started. 

#7. Check Tires

Most experts recommend replacing your bike tires after getting one year old. Any puncture in the tire, tube damage, or rim rusting can make your bike stuck in a place, stopping you from going on the roads after years. 

Check Tires

Keep a keen eye on the condition of the tires. If you feel they are out of order, change them first.

#8. Add Fresh Spark Plug

Did you check for the spark plug? Was it worn out and damaged? Even if not, you should not take risks. The spark plug works much better when they are new and fresh.  
Put your great concern into this problem when your bike keeps standing useless for a couple of months or years. 

 Add Fresh Spark Plug

#9. Check the Brakes and Clutches

Do your bike brakes and clutches working properly? Keep checking the condition of the brakes and clutches. Otherwise, you will put yourself in danger. 

Check the Brakes and Clutches

So before starting up your dirt bike that has been sitting for years, change the brakes and gears if they are out of order.

#10. Wash Your Bike 

When you have played with all internal necessary spare parts, wash your bike thoroughly to make it look fresh and clean. 

Wash Your Bike

Cleaning out all the parts before setting your bike on the roads for rides is crucial to give you confidence. A scrubber can be utilized for the removal of old paint, rust, and oil stains. 

Final Words 

You have learned how to start a dirt bike that has been sitting for a couple of months. You can take the required steps after checking out the condition of the spare parts of your bike. 
It is time to leave your seat and set your bike for riding. Have fun!

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