How to Put a Speedometer on a Dirt Bike – 5 Easy Steps

If you have been in the driving business for quite some time, you would be well acquainted with the value of a speedometer in a vehicle. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that speedometers have emerged as one of the core structures of all kinds of vehicles. This has triggered a quest to learn more about speedometers in novice riders. 

For instance, novice drivers and riders want to know how one can put a speedometer on a dirt bikehow speedometers are beneficial, and how speedometers can become detrimental at times, and the list of queries is never-ending. This is not the right time and place to address everything and anything related to speedometers. However, we will address one of the concerns of riders which is how to put a speedometer on a dirt bike.  

If the topic fascinated you in any way, consider reading the article to the end! If it didn’t, better luck next time! 

Let’s not complicate things and start with the basics! 

Speedometers – A Basic Introduction 

Leading websites on the internet define speedometers as an instrument or sturdy device that is used to measure the exact speed of a vehicle and is often found embedded on the front dashboard of a vehicle. 


Speedometers work in close association with odometers – a device that tells riders about the distance traveled. In a nutshell, both devices combine to provide riders with information related to the exact distance covered in an hour and at what speed. 

While speedometers keep drivers informed about their bike’s speed, they sometimes become a reason for driving accidents. As the driver’s attention is diverted to the speedometer, he loses sight of the traffic and loses his control which becomes one of the leading causes of accidents. 

After learning about the basics, let’s learn how one can attach a speedometer to a dirt bike as a complete beginner. 

1. Materials Needed to Attach Speedometer on a Dirt Bike 

It is always lucrative to gather all the tools you will need in the process before initiating the first step. Once you have everything in front of your eyes, you can do the task efficiently and effectively. Also, if tools are dispersed, the task will take more time to complete. 

To attach a speedometer to a dirt bike, you must have easy access to a dirt bike speedometer, screwdriver, drill bits and drill for making small holes in plastic or metal, and a ratchet wrench with an extension attachment. 

After gathering these tools, adopt any of the following methods to attach the speedometer to your bike. You can use a combination of two or more methods. 

2. Look for a Provision to Attach a Speedometer to Your Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are more lightweight than conventional on-road bikes. These low-profile bikes have less space for mounting devices like speedometers, odometers, etc. With that said, the first thing you need to do is to check if your bike has a provision for attaching a speedometer or not. 

If your bike has no provision to attach the device or has less space, then you need to make some compromises so that your device won’t fall while you ride at full speed on rough terrains. 

3. Drill Holes for Attaching the Speedometer 

If you didn’t find any attachment point in the front dashboard of your bike, then drill holes in the metallic frame of your bike or plastic-made parts like fenders or brackets. You can attach the device to plastic-made parts with screws. 

Drill Holes

You can even attach the device behind the handlebars if you don’t find any suitable attachment point for it. When attaching around handlebars, make sure you place them at the level of your eyes. 

4. Position Speedometer Securely 

Attachment is not the only thing you need to take care of. It is equally important to make your device secure. Otherwise, it will fall off while speeding up your metallic beast. For making the speed-recording device secure, you can use zip ties, rubber bands, or an old shoelace. The primary goal of these accessories should be to provide added security and support to your device. 

5. Surround the Speedometer with Brackets 

If you don’t trust shoelaces or rubber bands, you can always use brackets for making your device more secure. You will need two brackets to surround your device from either side. 

Speedometer with Brackets

Final Statement 

Attaching a speedometer to your dirt bike is not like climbing mounts Everest. With basic knowledge of how to put a speedometer on a dirt bike, you can do it at home without any professional assistance. In this blog, we have tried to make the process as simple as possible for beginners so that they won’t have to hire a professional for such a trivial task. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the writing.

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