How to Polish Dirt Bike Frame at Home (Simple Steps)

Introduction How to Polish Dirt Bike Frame at Home

They say you are one ride away from a good mood, and I couldn’t agree more with them. For me, riding has always been a pleasurable experience. Ever since dirt bikes became popular, I dreamt of riding them before departing this world. I consider myself fortunate enough to have lived my dream. 

A few years back, I got my first dirt bike. To me, a dirt bike is the most priced possession I have. This is why I get mini heart attacks whenever I see a scratch on the gears or tires. Since I am crazy about my dirt bike and I seldom say NO to rides, the frame of my bike has lost its charm and shine to the dust and dirt of rough and uneven pavements. 

Let me tell you a secret about myself: I am a possessive person. I am crazy about my bike and can’t let anyone touch it. This possessiveness of mine compelled me to move out of my comfort zone and search for a way to polish the frame of my bike so that I wouldn’t have to worry about sharing my bike with any human being and not letting the frame lose its sparkle. 

Through this article, I will share whatever I have learned about polishing the frame at home with all of you. I have applied these steps several times, and every time they have worked in my favor. 

You can incorporate these steps whenever you need to. Let’s not procrastinate any further and find out how to polish dirt bike frame

Things You Must Have When Polishing the Dirt Bike’s Frame

The frame of a dirt bike is one of the most important structures of the whole machinery. The frame provides ultimate support to the engine, rear suspension, and steering. Frames also act as a supporting structure for the passenger, luggage, and rider himself. 

How to Polish Dirt Bike Frame at Home

Fuel and battery, which act as food and drink for the bike, are also attached to the bike’s frame. This depicts how crucial frames are for the dirt bike. So one of your primary goals should be to keep the frame in the best condition possible. And one of the simplest ways to do so is to polish them more often.

For polishing the frame, you must have the following: 

Polishing cloths or a buffing pad, tire cleaner spray, warm water, dish soap for providing lubrication, sponge, lemon juice or any other cleaner for degreasing the bike’s frame, small-sized car wax and applicator, metal polish, soft bristle toothbrush, rubber gloves, and disposable rags.

3 Effective Steps for Polishing the Frame of Dirt Bikes

Before going into the polishing process, it is good that you clean the dust and dirt from the framework of the bike. This step alone will make the rest of the process easy-peasy and less time-consuming for you. Let’s see how you can start the whole process and how to end the process. 

Step 1: With Warm Water and Soap, Clean Off the Dirt Bike’s Frame 

Dirty frames of the bike act like a contagious infection. Slowly but surely, they transmit the dirt to all other parts of the bike. For instance, the elasticity of the cables is highly ameliorated, all the brakes get clogged with dirt and mud, and the stiffness of the gears increases if they remain camouflaged in dust and dirt for the longest time. 

With Warm Water and Soap, Clean Off the Dirt Bike's Frame 

This is why experts advise riders to keep their frames as clean and dust-free as possible. Before polishing, all the riders are advised to clean off the frame with a solution of a detergent or any dishwashing cleaner and warm water. With the help of a sponge, apply this solution evenly on all the thick and thin parts of the frame. 

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This will wipe out the surface grime and make the surface more susceptible to polishing. If you skip this step, results won’t come out as great as expected. 

Step 2: Buff Out All the Apparent Scratches on the Metallic Frames 

Frames are largely made of Aluminium or any other metal. This is why frames often become corrosive if not taken care of and house a bunch of scratches. These scratches will remain even after polishing if you don’t remove them in the first place. 

Buff Out All the Apparent Scratches on the Metallic Frames 

So the next thing you are expected to do is buff out minor and major scratches with a piece of cloth. Here, your goal should be to remove them from the metallic frame. If you can’t remove them with a polishing cloth, you can use steel wool. 

Use fine steel wool on the affected area of the frame before polishing it with the cloth. Repeat the steps until the scratch is no longer visible to you. 

Step 3: Apply Car Wax to Safeguard the Frame from Further Scratches and Damages 

Once you polish the frame, your goal should be to safeguard it from any further damage or scratches and to make it as shiny as before. 

This purpose could be served by car wax or metal polish. To apply that, start with a solution. Apply the solution with a sponge or cloth in small circles on the frame. Repeat the process until you see the films formed on the metal. 

Apply Car Wax to Safeguard the Frame from Further Scratches and Damages

For getting commendable results, use light coatings and avoid heavy coatings. This is because heavy coatings often build up and cause uneven distribution over the frame, which doesn’t look good after it dries up. 
Much like a clear coating of paint, films should be evenly distributed over the metallic frame and should be as thin as the hair on your scalp. 

After you are done with all the steps, let the frame dry. If you store the bike without giving it enough time to become dry, it will attract dust and dirt particles to it. Before storing it in its packaging, make sure it is completely dry. 

Final Statement 

Frames are one of the core structures of dirt bikes that provide them with a strong foundation on which the rest of the machinery is built. This is why keeping it clean of dust, scratches, and corrosiveness is as natural as drinking water for survival. In this blog post, we have discussed how to polish dirt bike frame in detail. 
Hopefully, you enjoyed reading the writing. If you have something to add to this or ask anything related to the topic, feel free to ask or share your feedback! 

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