How to Paint Dirt Bike Wheels | Step-by-Step Guide

A wise man once said, ‘You don’t stop riding when you get old; you get old when you stop riding.’ No man on Earth can refute the importance of riding a bicycle, motorbike, horse, or dirt bike. These days one of the most popular means of connecting riders is dirt bikes. 

Dirt bikes are giant beasts that provide adventurous rides on uneven pavements and rough terrains. Since it is primarily used on rough and rocky terrains, its core structures, like wheels, lose their shine within the first few weeks or months. To keep them in the best condition, riders have to take care of their maintenance. 

This article is concerned with the maintenance of wheels, primarily painting wheels so that they won’t become corrosive more often. Before that, we will take a tour of what wheels are and why they matter in dirt bikes. After coming back from that tour, we will learn how to paint dirt bike wheels! 

Let’s not exaggerate anything and start our discussion at the drop of a hat! 

Wheels of Dirt Bikes – A General Introduction 

Remember when you were in high school, you used to have a science class regularly? For many students, science class is a nightmare. For some, it is a relief from the monotony of school days. You can choose to which category you belong. Well, that is not a matter of discussion.

In your science class, your teacher must have taught you details about the human circulatory system. You know how blood vessels carry oxygen and other dissolved nutrients to all distant parts of the body. Now imagine if the vein carrying blood to your brain gets ruptured. Will you survive? I guess not! Even when your body has a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients, they will do little good for you if your blood vessels are not in a healthy state. 

Now relate this concept to dirt bikes. No matter how exorbitant your bike is, if the wheels aren’t in working condition, will it do any good for you? Of course, not!

Wheels are transporting agents that roll over the road, pavement, or ground and allow riders to cover some distance. Without transporting agents, dirt bikes can’t cover any distance, and nutrients can’t get transported to their respective organs and tissues. 

How to Paint Dirt Bike Wheels – Steps to Follow

Since wheels are always in direct contact with the ground, they are more vulnerable to wear and tear. This is why they need more maintenance than other structures of dirt bikes. Painting a wheel is one of the most sought ways of increasing the life of wheels. This article deals with that topic in the most easy-to-understand way! 

How to Paint Dirt Bike Wheels 2

Let’s see what steps are involved in the process of painting the wheels of dirt bikes!

1. Tools You Will Need to Paint Dirt Bike Wheels

The foremost thing you are supposed to do whenever doing anything in life is to gather material that would be needed in the process. For painting the wheels of dirt bikes, you will need a paintbrush, bowl of water, paper plate or plastic container, spray can, paint of desired color, wipes, and toothpicks.

2.      Clean the Surface of the Wheels

The second thing you are supposed to do in the process is to thoroughly clean the surface of the wheels so that paint will stick to it and won’t look like a messy pattern done by an amateur.

Clean the Surface of the Wheels

Cleaning the surface before paint is important for obtaining professional results. If the surface is not cleaned up before applying the paint, the paint will not stick to the surface in some areas. In other areas, it will look like a mess after it dries up. In technical language, cleaning is important to limit the likelihood of wrinkling and peeling off the paint.

3.      Apply Coats of Primer

After cleaning the surface thoroughly, it is time to apply a not-so-thick, not-so-thin coat of primer on surfaces that will not be painted later on. Allow these surfaces to dry for a minimum of two hours. After two hours of break, apply another layer of primer. This will limit peeling or wrinkling from happening later on down the road, especially when you make up your mind to paint those surfaces too.

Apply Coats of Primer

4.      Start Painting the Wheels One After the Other

Pour water into a medium-sized container for dipping your brush. Add a few drops of acrylic paint into it and stir it until it reaches milk-like consistency. Your mixture is ready to be applied.

Start painting the wheels of your dirt bike one after the other using long strokes. Strokes should start from the top and end at the bottom. Whenever applying the paint, make sure all areas are uniformly painted. Otherwise, blotches will be formed.

Start Painting the Wheels

For painting, it is better to use brushes that come with synthetic bristles. This will help in avoiding contaminating the paint with grease particles or olive oil that might be on the hands.  To get a steady finish without having uneven spots and blotches; try to start the painting process from the ends of the wheel towards the center.

After painting the wheel for the first time, allow them to dry for a minimum of 12 hours. After 12 hours of rest, apply another layer of paint on top of the previous layer. After the second layer, allow the paint to dry for a minimum of 24 and a maximum of 72 hours.

5.      Give Some Final Touches

After painting, quickly move your eyes over the wheels to see areas that you have missed. If you find blotches at the edges or distant spots, apply a layer of primer followed by a thin coating of acrylic paint. Apply primer and paint in such a way that all areas appear uniform after drying up.

If you love the antique look, then you can apply a not-so-thick layer of olive oil on the dirt bike wheels before applying the paint. Avoid olive oil if you love the glossy look of the wheels.

Final Statement

Wheels are one of the core structures of dirt bike wheels that demand relentless maintenance. One of the easiest ways of maintaining the health of your dirt bike wheels is to paint them more often. While painting seems a tedious task, it is not a hard thing to do at home on weekends. In this article, we have discussed the step-by-step procedure of painting the wheels at home.

Hopefully, the writing will help you in one way or the other. Still, if you have a hard time understanding any point, get in touch with us!

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