How to Make Your Dirt Bike Faster? | Pro Tips for Pro Riders

Off-road riders know very well that the terrain is full of bumpy landscapes, and dirt bikes are specially made to cope with such trails. The manufacturing of this particular bike is suitable to maintain a good riding performance on off-roads.

And every dirt rider wants to ride his bike at high speed. The bike’s speed can’t be compromised, especially when it comes to professional riding. Unfortunately, you can’t always go with the constant high speed on a dirt bike.

Do you think your off-road trips will be boring soon because you can’t have the fun of high speed? Not at all! Things could be amazing forever if you pay attention to the maintenance of a dirt bike.

Besides routine maintenance and checking the bike’s components, some hacks may prove to be very helpful for you.

Do you know what they are? If not, then don’t worry because we are going to explain some tricks that would help you to know how to make a dirt bike faster. Stay with us till the last line of this blog!

Hacks to Make a Dirt Bike Faster

Exploring the trails with major bumps and jumps is impossible without a dirt bike because the components are designed to meet the requirements of these risky terrains. And a dirt bike rider is a person who is always ready to face challenges and cross all the barriers in just the blink of an eye because of their high-speed dirt bike.

But how could it be possible to maintain the same high speed on a dirt bike? We have compiled the most authentic ways to deal with a dirt bike to make it incredibly fast. You can read them below!

1. Use Good Fuel or Fossil Fuel

Using fossil fuel or some better kind of fuel can help you to gain dreamy speed on a dirt bike, even if the age of your bike is old.

Use Good Fuel

You can check the collection of fuels along with their genuine reviews online on an authentic website. Moreover, high-octane fuels are preferred over regular gasoline.

Use Good Fuel 2

2. Get a Good Air Filter

The speed of a dirt bike mainly depends on the carburetor. If the carburetor of the dirt bike is clean, it will never interfere with throttle application, but if it is clogged with dirt particles, then it will surely reduce the speed of the bike.

Get a Good Air Filter

To deal with such a situation, you need to upgrade the air filter. Foam filters ensure the cleaning of the carburetor by removing a significant amount of dirt.

High-quality air filter oil is the best option for getting high speed on a dirt bike.

3. Upgrade the Clutches

If you want your dirt bike to transmit more power to the wheels to become faster, then don’t forget to consider the clutches.

If you are using a stock clutch, then you need a better alternative, like an aftermarket clutch, and you can see the difference right after the experience.

Upgrade the Clutches

If you are going to make a clutch adjustment, then always notice that the clutch should be specially designed for off-road riding, it must match the engine of the bike, and it should be reliable.

4. Open the Valve

What do you think about how a dirt bike moves faster? Is there any contribution to the engine?

Yes! But how could an engine make a bike faster? When an engine receives an adequate amount of fuel and air, this is only possible when the valves are open.

In the case of a 4-stroke engine, the compression ratio can also be increased by changing the head.

Moreover, installing high-power camshafts can also help an engine to receive more fuel and air.

Now, you may get a question in your mind about how a crankshaft and open valves are linked and how they could make a bike faster. It has a very simple mechanism behind it.

Open valves release the compressed air in the cylinder, and this air pushes the piston down, which resultantly makes a crankshaft rotate, and the bike will move faster.

5. Flow Porting

Flow porting is a particular kind of process that ensures a dirt bike moves faster, up to 10-30%, and can only be done with a high-performance engine such as a 4-stroke engine.

Flow Porting

In this process, the size of the ports is increased, and they are also polished to move air and fuel faster and smoother, which urges the engine to produce more power.

6. Maintenance Schedule

There are a couple of things you can do to increase the speed of your dirt bike. One is regular maintenance of the bike. Maintenance of a dirt bike is one of those essential tips that cost nothing, but your efforts ultimately pay back with so many advantages, like a high-speed dirt bike.

Maintenance Schedule

Tuning the bike at least once a week and reading the manual of the bike could help you to increase the average lifespan as well as the speed of your precious dirt bike.

7. Change the Exhaust

What is the purpose of exhaust in your room? It releases fumes and harmful gases, and the same is the case with a dirt bike. The exhaust of a dirt bike is highly responsible to make a dirt bike faster; in fact, it affects the overall performance of the bike.

Change the Exhaust

If you don’t have an exhaust system in the bike, then immediately upgrade it so that you can get the best out of your bike.

Moreover, you can also change the gears to improve the speed of your vehicle.

Wrapping Up

To make a dirt bike faster, there are many tricks you can apply, and amazingly they are so easy to work with. Although some are more costly than others, you can utilize them according to your needs.
Hopefully, all the above things in our article will be helpful for you in the future, and there will be no questions left about how to make your dirt bike faster!

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