How to Load Dirt Bike in Truck? Learn 4 Easy Steps

Introduction How to Load Dirt Bike in Truck?

Most of the sports encompassing high-power bikes often involve lifting and loading these bikes in the bellies of trucks, which is nevertheless a complicated thing, especially when you are expected to do it for the first time and that too without any support.

Loading a motorbike is indeed one of the last things all sportsmen are expected to do by the end of riding sessions. To novice riders, this part seems like squeezing water or blood from a stone. This unseen uneasiness is not a mere claim. You have to learn the loading and unloading of a dirt bike if you own one or are planning to purchase one for yourself.

This is because dirt bikes are consistently light in comparison to other traditional bikes. And most importantly, dirt bikes are not designed to be ridden to a specific destination. You will need a transport system to take your gear to its riding place. Since dirt bikes are consistently lightweight, their loading mechanism is not too hard to absorb within a shorter period.

In this blog post, together, we will discover a rocket method of loading your giant beast into the belly of your truck after enjoying the ride.

Let’s see what is waiting to be served to you in the forthcoming text about how to load dirt bike in truck!

1. Keep the Tailgate On

This is probably one thing you would learn in all the articles shedding light on the loading process. From this, you can figure out its ultimate importance. Let me share with you how it will help you in the process!

Keep the Tailgate On

The majority of the body weight of a dirt bike is concentrated in the center. If you keep the tailgate gate closed and tried to load the bike, you will end up damaging the gate by putting the weight of the bike on it. Remember center of the gate is one of the most fragile parts of the whole gate. It can’t bear the weight of a bike.

2. Use Foldable Ramps for Moving Your Bike into the Truck’s Belly

Foldable ramps are sturdy, lightweight, and compact elements that are often used by riders for moving their bikes from the ground up to the height of a tailgate. For dirt bikes, Aluminium ramps work best. This is because Aluminium ramps are lightweight and easily foldable to a manageable size.

Use Foldable Ramps for Moving Your Bike into the Truck's Belly

If you can get easy access to foldable ramps, make sure you use one for loading your bike. It will make the whole process easy-peasy for you.

3. Use an Adjustable Top Stand (A.T.S) as a Step Stool for You 

An Adjustable Top Stand (A.T.S.) is a must-have whenever you move out with a dirt bike. When you are not loading the bike, this stand will help you in the maintenance of your bike. 

 Use an Adjustable Top Stand (A.T.S) as a Step Stool for You

During loading, this stand can be used as a step stool. In this way, the same stand could be used for dual functions meaning that you wouldn’t have to travel with an extra stand. 

In the process, you need to place the adjustable stand near the tailgate of your truck beside the Aluminium ramp. This will provide you with an extra bit of height as you walk the bike on the ramp. 

4. Use Lock-N-Load System for Secure Standing of Your Bike Inside the Truck

Lock-N-Load is transport equipment that makes your bike stand securely in the truck or trailer without using additional wheel chocks, floor anchors, or straps. The primary goal of this system is to make sure your bike doesn’t fall in the transportation process. 

Use Lock-N-Load System for Secure Standing of Your Bike Inside the Truck

One of the best things about this equipment is that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to be removed from the truck’s floor. Many companies sell this equipment at different prices. Whenever purchasing them, make sure it is resilient, as it has to bear the weight of a whole bike. 

The system works by wheeling your dirt bike between the flexible ratchet arms and manipulating the rubberized jaws to not let the bike move. I personally love Lock-N-Load because of its flexible nature. Its size can be changed according to the size of the bike, meaning that it can fit a bunch of bikes. 

These are the steps involved in loading your dirt bike into the truck. The word ‘loading’ might frighten you in the beginning, but it has nothing to worry about if you have the right equipment and the right knowledge of how to use the equipment in your favor. 

What to Do If You Don’t Have a Foldable Ramp? 

Dirt bikes sometimes drain your savings, and you have no money left for purchasing ramps. This is why we thought of discovering a method that would work without a foldable ramp. 

Let’s say you don’t have a ramp, and you are expected to load the dirt bike. How will you do that? In that case, you need to act smart and use the terrain around you in your favor. Let’s see how? 

When you don’t have a foldable ramp with you at the moment, back up your truck up to the horizon of a low hill, this will lower the height of the tailgate so much so that you won’t have to cover many inches to pop up your bike into the truck’s back. This won’t consume much effort. 

This is because 90 percent of dirt bikes are lightweight and made of sturdy material. You might end up feeling drained after a long ride, but this will not add much to your tiredness or exhaustion. 

Final Statement 

Whenever a rider purchases a dirt bike, one of the first things that come to his mind is how to load dirt bike in truck. In this blog post, we have discussed the whole loading process in 4 simple methods that anyone can apply and that don’t involve hefty equipment or manpower. Hope you enjoy the content. For learning more about the subject, connect with us whenever you feel the need to do so! 

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