A Step-by-Step Guide About How to Install Dirt Bike Grips

Do you know bike hand grips define your safety on the roads? Staying aware of the condition of hand grips is necessary for the riders. When the bikers feel the hand grip has worn out, they should replace it without wasting a second. Are you stuck in the same scenario and want to learn how to install dirt bike grips? 

If so, you are at the right place!

The replacement of dirt bike grips seems a difficult task. But believe it or not, once you are guided well on the subject, you will be the master of that. Installation of dirt bike grip is done in many ways. The most common is the use of wires and glue. 

Dependency on a single object will make your work delayed to be completed. Thus, risking your safety on roads for days till you get glue and fix the bike grips.

What can you do when you don’t have glue in the toolbox? 

We are here to prepare you for that kind of situation! Are you ready to know the easy and applicable methods for installing dirt bike grips? 

Let’s move down together to find methods to make your task super easy!

Installing a Dirt Bike Grip Using Glue

A checklist will be made before initiating the process. This list will include a glue tube off-course, grip pliers, a scouring pad, hand grips, safety wires, and contact cleaner. Later the collection of all required pieces of equipment, you will have to perform the following steps:

#1. Cleaning of Handlebar

After removing the old hand grips, what did you see? Does it the remains of old glue? You are required to clean it thoroughly to apply a new glue layer to it. 

Cleaning of Handlebar

The handlebars usually get rusted with time, so you must check “Does it still fresh or not?” You can use a scouring pad to ensure nothing should leave dirty. A cleaner can be used to remove dirt and old glue from the surface. 

Cleaning of Handlebar 2

#2. Apply Glue on the Throttle Tube and Handlebar

Have you done cleaning the handlebar and throttle tube? Now move to the next step, which is the application of the grip glue. 

Apply Glue on the Throttle Tube and Handlebar

Do not cover the surface of the grip handlebar with sealant. Try to put the glue with neat hands. Add some above, below, and in the middle of the handlebar.

Apply Glue on the Throttle Tube and Handlebar 2

#3. Install the Dirt Bike Grip 

Just quickly slide the dirt grip on the handlebar before the grip glue could dry. If you find it hard to slide on the grips, you can also use an air compressor from the inner side to put it on easily. Once it gets fixed in its correct position, remove the excessive flooded-out glue with a cloth or rubber. 

Install the Dirt Bike Grip 

You might have thought the process has ended, but it’s not. For making the grips tight, you have to do one more step.

#4. Add Safety Wires

Safety wires are really helpful in keeping the grips in their place. To keep the grip locked in its place, apply some safety wires twisting around the hand grips of the bike. 
Tie up the wire after completing its round. You can take assistance from safety pliers for twisting and tightening tightly.

Add Safety Wires

Oh! What is this? You opened the toolbox but couldn’t find a glue tube in it. Now you are thinking, what can I do?Right? 
Don’t worry! There are many more ways to install dirt bike grips if you don’t have glue in your hand. Let’s explore them!

Installing Dirt Bike Grips Without Glue

Many different objects can serve this purpose. We will tell you about them, and you can choose one option according to the availability of the usable product. The basic steps will remain the same as that for the glue.

What are these products? Here we have enlisted them for you!

#1. 4 or 5 Zip Ties

Check your toolbox for the zip ties. You will be needed 4 to 5 zip ties to keep the grip on the handlebar. Insert them one by one inside the throttle tube and slide the dirt bike grip on. 

Zip Ties

But do not twist the grip on the zip ties, as they can be stuck in the handlebars. If you want to fix it tightly, try the safety pliers instead of applying the force by hand. 

#2. Try Hair Spray

Hair Spray will surely be present in your home. Why won’t you try it? 

Hair spray can also be applied as sticky material like hair paint. 

Hair Spray

Take the hair spray out of your draw, and spread it on the tube thoroughly. Cover every site on the surface with the spray. Slide the bike grips immediately over the handlebar before it dries. 

Leave both for 10 minutes so the grip sits in the correct position. If you want it to dry quickly, use some air. 

#3. Newly Developed Lock-On Grips 

It’s time to try something new! Many companies have come forward with the grips with new locking technology. 

Newly Developed Lock-On Grips

You need to find the one specifically designed for your bike. No more mess of glue, wires, or any other solvent. You just have to purchase it from the market, put it on the bike handlebars, and that’s it!

Concluding Remarks

For new riders, installing dirt bike grips is a challenging task. But believe! It’s not. If you were one of them and wanted to learn how to install dirt bike grips, we hope we have helped you in this situation. 
Get started to install the hand grips on your own now!

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