How Fast is A Dirt Bike? 12 Variants Based on the Speed

I assume you are curious to figure out how fast is a dirt bike. That is why you are searching for it on the browser. If so, Congratulations, you have reached the right site!

Firstly, you should know that the power of the bike is dependent on the engine it has. The maximum horsepower will be, the more will be the running speed of the dirt bike.

The power of a dirt bike is determined by the cubic capacity (cc). Bike power or capacity ranges from 50cc to 500cc. 

This power will define how fast a bike can be. Usually, an average bike has a speed of between 50 and 60 miles per hour. But the pace varies with the capacity of the engine.

In this article, you will find thorough research about the engine size of dirt bikes and how the engine capacity determines the speed of the dirt bike. Why don’t, you will make up your mind to buy one which fits you the most.

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Variants of Dirt Bikes Based on the Speed

Dirt bikes are fast and versatile motor vehicles that riders get with the intention of leveling up their off-riding experience. They usually start from the less fast and power bike, then move toward the next level, gradually reaching the maximum cc bike. 

Let’s explore how the bikes have different capacity engines and how fast they can go!

#1. 50cc Dirt Bike

If you are starting off to ride, this is probably the best motor for you.

This is the minimum version of the dirt bikes. That is why we also called them “Mini motors.” They can go at a pace of 20 to 40 miles per hour. 

A person who weighs 50 kg is perfectly suitable to ride on this mini motor. This dirt bike is designed to ride on flat off-road tracks. It does not pass through the obstacles because of the small engine with one or five horsepower. 

#2. 65cc Dirt Bike 

The bike is developed to transfer the weight rather than the engine capacity. If you weigh up to 150 lbs, then the 65cc bike is for you.

One thing you should keep in mind is if your weight is more, the speed of your ride will be compromised.

It can go at a speed of 30 to 45 mph. But if you keep focusing on the power transfer, it can run at the pace of 60 mph. 

#3. 80cc Dirt Bike 

What do you think of how fast an 80cc bike is? More than the 65cc for sure (LOL!)

They are used for racing purposes, and people should not buy these cc bikes for recreational purposes. It is seen that the speed of this bike is normally 40-60 mph, and this variation completely depends on the power of the engine. 

80cc bikes usually have two-stroke engines, but they can also be four-stroke. You will see a dirt bike with a four-stroke engine, more commonly.  

#4. 100cc Dirt Bike

Are you listing bikes for racing on oval tracks? Then this 100cc bike is definitely for you!

A 100cc dirt bike is specially developed for racing on flat plus oval tracks. The average speed range for these bikes is 45 to 55mph. The maximum you can achieve is 80 miles per hour. 

You can reach the maximum limit within 3 seconds. We don’t think this is a great span!

#5. 110cc Dirt Bike

The 110cc dirt bike can go at 50-55mph. Many models came in the varying range for speed, which is 60 miles per hour to 80 miles per hour. The maximum speed of the 110cc dirt bike is 80mph.

#6. 125cc Dirt Bike

A 125cc bike is perhaps the most popular bike among youngsters due to its speed limit and ability to improve the leg strength of the riders. 

On average, 125cc bikes can accelerate at the rate of 50-60 miles per hour. But you know what? If you practice more and more, you can gain the skills to ride this bike at 100 mph.

A person who weighs 150lbs to 250lbs can ride this bike easily. The horsepower of the 125cc dirt bike engine is 9, which is the main factor behind that high riding speed which is 100 mph.

#7. 150cc Dirt Bike

This is one of the most popular bikes in the market, which can go at large speeds. The average acceleration of the 150cc dirt bike is sixty to eighty-five miles per hour. Though, you can be faster by enhancing your riding and racing skills. This is perfectly suitable for uneven terrains and tracks.

#8. 200cc Dirt Bike

The 200cc dirt bike has a four-stroke 13-horsepower engine. Can you control that much power? 

It is tough to hold your control over a 13hp engine bike, so before purchasing this, decide first. These dirt bikes can go 60mph over flat grounds. 

When you bring a 200cc bike to uneven terrains, you will get more power to speed.

#9. 250cc Dirt bike

Have you bet your friend to race on the hills? This will be the best for you!

The speed of a 250cc bike ranges between 80 to 135 mph. That is considered to be faster in the market. Two things make up the speed of the dirt bike: one is the lightweight body of 200 to 300 pounds. Second is the high-powered engine. 

#10. 400cc Dirt Bike 

The feature of the 400cc bike that makes it different from others is the ability to ride for longer periods at full throttle. The bike can go at the speed of 70mph or faster, depending on the person riding it. 

If you are at a higher speed, the engine loses some power, so these bikes are not good enough when fighting in a racing terrain. 

#11. 450cc Dirt Bike

The best type of bike that is used for off-road racing purposes!

Many riders love these bikes and say that these bikes are easy to ride, safe, and maneuverable, but still, they are the fastest.

The speed of the 450cc dirt bike is 100 to 120 mph. Despite the high speed, they are strangely stable, so you don’t need to be worried about riding on the edges of the hills. 

#12. 500cc Dirt Bike 

The most powerful engine in the motorcycle world! 

The strongest engine gives a speed of 100 mph and even more than that. The power 40-50hp engine is responsible for the high speed.

You can ride this amazing bike with great comfort because of its lightweight body and small size. 

Surely, you can handle this bike super easily on long distances and with heightened jumps. 

Wrap up 

Learning about how fast is a dirt bike is significant when you are interested in starting riding as a passion. The speed of the bike depends on the engine and the cubic capacity. 

The range of the power for the bikes is 50 to 500cc. Find out which will be the best for you, and start your journey now!

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