Are electric dirt bike street legal? Important facts to know

Most of the states have legalized the use of electric dirt bikes. You can now ride them on streets and public roads. The only condition is that they should have a pedal assist mode, 1000 to 5000-watt capacity, the top speed must range between 35 to 50 mph, and be included in the class 4 e-bike category.

On this page, you can grab more details on the commonly asked question, Are electric dirt bike street legal? Remember that before you plan to take out your e-dirt bike on the street or public road, go through the transportation laws of that state. If they have not legalized its use, you will be fined then!

Are electric dirt bikes legal to be used on streets Rules to follow

As mentioned above, most states have permitted and officially allowed e-dirt bikes to be ridden on streets. There are a few of the rules that you must follow:

  • The dirt bike should be marketed and endorsed as ‘’dual usage’’. It means it should be an on-road and off-road bike.
  • Furthermore, the dirt bike must come with the pedal assist model.
  • Its capacity must reach between 1000 to 5000 watts.
  • The top speed range should lie between 35 to 50 mph.
  • It has to be part of the class 4 e-bike category.
  • Wearing a proper and DOT-approved helmet is necessary when riding a dirt bike on a street or public road.
  • You require a specific moped license.
  • You must contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles of that state. They will give you more details regarding whether you can ride a dirt bike on roads and streets.

What do we mean by the law ‘’street legal’’?

‘’Street legal’’ means the vehicle is allowed and certified to be used on public roads. After acquiring the legal permit from the respective state and its local transportation department, it becomes the ‘’street legal vehicle’’.

In addition, these regulations vary from state to state and country to country. For example, if you want to ride a dirt bike in the USA, you must have a license, wear a DOT-approved helmet, and your bike should have working taillights and headlights.

The rider must also own valid insurance and registration. Your bike must have passed the safety emission test. It needs to have a license plate. If all these conditions are fulfilled, you can ride an electric dirt bike on USA streets.

Department of Transportation has set specific criterion that makes an e-dirt bike be considered as the street legal bike.

Most importantly, it should be advertised as a dual-use vehicle. That e-dirt bike must have a rearview mirror, horn, working headlights and taillights, turn signal light, and paddle assist features. The presence of an operable paddle is a must.

If these features are present, that bike will be marked as a class 4 e-bike and officially acquire street legality status. The rules vary depending on the state and country you are living. Some states even ask for licensing, insurance, and registration.

What speed limit to follow when riding a dirt bike on a street?

The e-dirt bikes must stay within the specific speed limit the Department of Transportation sets. Dirt bikes are generally intended for off-roading. Their speed remains higher, but you must keep it low when riding this bike on streets and roads.

What speed limit to follow when riding a dirt bike on a street

The speed limit that is followed in most of the states is around 25 kilometers per hour. Lastly, your electric dirt bike must have working and advanced braking systems.

Tips to safely ride a dirt bike on a street

Tips to safely ride a dirt bike on a street

Below we have highlighted more tips that explains how to ride a dirt bike in the utmost safest manner on streets and roads:

  • You must wear proper attire when riding an electric dirt bike on the streets. Avoid putting on shorts or loose clothes. Never and ever wear flip-flops. Instead, you should wear proper boots, jackets, DOT-approved helmet, and gloves. If the helmet does not have a visor, put on goggles to protect your eyes from flying debris and dust particles.
  • Never ride a dirt bike on a street if you are high on alcohol. It will be potentially fatal for your life and the rest of the people. More than half of dirt bike accidents occur because the rider is high on drugs or alcohol.
  • Riding a dirt bike on public roads during the daytime is recommended only. Such a practice ensures more safety for the rider and the rest of the pedestrians.
  • You must ride at a safe speed and on roads and streets that are not jam-packed with heavy traffic.
  • Ride on the road that you are utmost familiar and comfortable with.
  • Avoid taking your dirt bike on the new road or new route.


How fast do electric dirt bikes can go?

Electric dirt bikes can achieve a speed of up to 30 to 50 miles per hour. The maximum speed depends on the model and specifications, too. Furthermore, the speed is impacted and influenced depending on battery capacity, motor power, and terrain conditions.

Are dirt bikes safe for kids?

Dirt bikes are not safe for kids. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, they have stated that children under 16 should not be permitted to ride electric dirt bikes or any other kind of off-road motorbike. Trail riding needs special skills, expertise, and a certain level of judgment that kids lack in their personalities.


We hope you have a clear answer of the question: Are electric dirt bikes road/street legal? Yes, they have become legal in most states.

Before hitting this vehicle on the public road, check the laws and regulations as stated by the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Please stay connected with us for more updates. And try your level best to ride the dirt bike with 100% safety whether you are on road or off-road.

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