Are dirt bikes dangerous? Everything you need to know

Dirt biking or off-roading is a dangerous sport. You must not opt for such a riding experience until you become a pro-level rider. The risk of getting injured is higher when off-roading.

To make this riding time safe and secure, experts have advised wearing a DOT-approved helmet, gloves, and boots. For more details on the query: Are dirt bikes dangerous? You can check out the below-written details.

It is assumed that dirt bike riders can make this time intrinsically safer by keeping the speed low and riding during the daytime. Off-roading takes us to the high-adrenaline world, and there is more risk of getting a life-long injury. So, prioritize the element of safety whenever you are on a dirt bike:

Is dirt biking risky to ride?

Yes, dangers are real and multiple when it comes to dirt biking. These bikes remain operated at high speeds when you pass through technical terrains. You never know when a hurdle comes your way and gives you an accidental fall, thus injuring your face, shoulder, back or neck.

Is dirt biking risky to ride

You can make this sport less risky by casually riding the dirt bike rather than giving it an adventure feel. When casually riding, the speed stays low, and the speed automatically increases when racing.

Furthermore, recent statistics show that most teenagers have lost their lives and encountered life-long injuries because they were dirt biking.

Common injuries happen when dirt biking/off-roading

The most frequent injury that is likely experienced by the riders is the fracturing of bones. Some have broken their legs, arms and even neck. Other details are mentioned below:

Common injuries happen when dirt biking

Broken wrist

Rider might get a ‘’broken wrist.’’ It happens when you fall from the bike clumsily and forcefully. Broken wrists take a lot of time to heal. So, ride the dirt bike at a controlled speed for the sake of your life’s safety.

Broken wrist

Broken collarbone

Some have experienced ‘’broken collarbone’’. This injury happens when the rider loses control and ultimately hits the ground. Physiotherapists will help you over here to heal faster. Thus, it is recommended to casually ride the dirt bike instead of bringing it in racing mode.

Broken collarbone

Broken ribs

You might get ‘’broken ribs’’ if the bike speed gets out of control from your hands. You must wear chest guards when off-roading. They guarantee to safeguard your chest area from impacts and shocks. In addition, broken ribs happen when handlebars dig into the ribs. This situation also occurs when the rider falls on large logs or rocks.

Broken ribs

Dislocated shoulders

The pain of having ‘’dislocated shoulders’’ is unbearable. Keep the speed low when riding a dirt bike, and never lose control. If you unnecessarily increase the speed of a motorcycle, accidents will happen.

Dislocated shoulders

Rolled ankles

When riding on an off-road or dirt bike, proper boots must be worn. If you have worn open shoes or flip flops, there is a massive risk of getting ‘’rolled ankles’’. Besides, avoid wearing sandals, hiking boots and running shoes. You must prioritize wearing quality dirt bike riding boots to protect your feet and ankles.

Rolled ankles

Broken neck and back

One of the worst injuries the rider likely encounters when dirt biking is a ”broken neck and back”. Some riders went on wheelchairs for the rest of their lives because injuries were intense and impossible to heal.

How to make dirt biking sport safer?

You can definitely make dirt biking sport safer. It is a physically demanding activity and looks hell lot of adventurous. But keeping it safe and sound is possible if you follow the below-mentioned tips:

Wear a full-sized helmet

First of all, you must wear a full-sized and DOT-approved helmet. Such helmets protect the rider’s head from impacts and shocks in the event of severe and intense crashes.

Wear a full-sized helmet

Wear goggles and quality boots

Another practice you must mandatorily follow is wearing goggles and quality boots. Goggles shield the eyes from flying debris and sand particles and keep tree branches and bushes out of the face. In addition, boots safeguard your feet and ankles from getting fractured.

Wear impact-riding gloves

Experts have advised to wear impact-riding gloves. This way, you can comfortably control the speed and hold the handlebars, and your hands will stay impact and shock-free.

Wear impact-riding gloves

Wear elbow and knee pads

It is a compulsion to wear elbow and knee pads when dirt biking. This practice will prevent the occurrence of any severe injury, and your elbow and knee will not get broken either.

Wear elbow and knee pads

Put on a chest protector

A chest protector or guard plays a crucial role in shielding your chest. It keeps your chest area fracture-free, and no broken ribs issue will be there.

Take the dirt bike on designated trails and keep the speed low

You should take your dirt bike only on the designated trails. Keep the speed slow, and never bring it on to high-speed mode. Ride on those terrains that you are familiar with. If it is unknown terrain, never take your dirt bike over there.

Never ride the dirt bike during the night

You must never and ever ride a dirt bike during the night. If you feel like going off-road, plan out this adventure in the day. Be it for a casual ride, it is always risky at night. You never know when you will get lost to an unknown terrain and road. So, go for off-roading and dirt biking during the day.

Never off-road or dirt bike under the influence

Never do dirt biking under the influence. If you are high on alcohol or feeling dizzy, then avoid riding the bike in such a situation. Off-roading riders must always stay in an active and sharp state of mind.


Is a dirt bike more risky to ride than a motorcycle?

Yes, riding a dirt bike is more risky than using a motorcycle. Motorcyclists sustain bone fractures and blunt abdominal or skin trauma than dirt bike riders. The risk of losing a life is more in off-roading, so beware.

What is the most dangerous kind of motorcycle?

The most dangerous kind of motorcycle is the super-sport bike. It is a racing bike that features an extreme power-to-weight ratio and runs at the top speed of 180 kmph. It has an engine displacement of 1000cc or even more than that.


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